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Welcome to Lacey's Box of Trinkets!

Creating unique handmade trinkets since 2017! Sharing handmade trinkets since 2022! 

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I'm Lacey! A busy mom of four who loves to be creative! Passing time by making new trinkets and learning new skills one at a time!

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What kind of Trinkets are in the box?

What We Offer

Faux Leather Bows

Faux Leather Bows are handmade and fasten with a metal alligator clip. Faux leather bow prices range from $3.50-$6.50


Fabric Bows

Fabric bows are handcut, handsewn and fasten with an alligator clip. Nylon or plastic band can be substituted upon request! Prices vary pending size, quality & material but range from $5.50- $13.50. 


Textured Fabric Bows

These bows are handcut and hand sewn using a stretchy textured material known as "liverpool or bullet" fabric. These are high quality and will last forever! Made with some of the cutest materials out there and attach with a metal alligator clip! 


Hair Bow Wraps

These adorable bows are hand sewn using a stretchy textured fabric known as "liverpool bullet" fabric. These come in many different sizes from newborn to adult! Prices range depending on size and fabric. 



Jewelry of all shapes and sizes for everyone in the family! Metal Necklaces, Corded Necklaces, Earrings,  Bracelets, Rings, Pendants, etc. You name it, I'll make it! 


Flower Clips

These beautiful handmade Flower Clips come in all shapes, sizes & colors! Fastened to your hair with a metal clip or nylon band (upon request). These are the perfect hair accessory for any age and any occasion! 


Hair Scrunchies

Handmade Fabric Scrunchies in all materials & sizes. The perfect accessory for any age to hold your hair in place while still looking fashionable! 


Knotted/braided Cords & Hemp

Handcrafted with the best of materials these unique knotted/braided cords are one of a kind.  Time & attention is given to each creation. These make the perfect gift or accessory for anyone! 

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