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The Answers You Need

What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

If you're not fully satisfied with your purchase, let me know!  Being a small business, I'm not always able to gurantee your money back. I can gurantee every attempt possible will be made to give you 100% satisfaction.  I can't make it right if I'm not aware, so please reach out! 

Are there any benefits for referring my friends/family? 

Yes! If you refer friends/family and they make a purchase, I'll send you out a thank you! Word of mouth is the most powerful advertising and I APPRECIATE any and all referrals. When your referrals make a purchase, have them pass along your name! 

My item broke! What do I do? 

Each item is handmade, if your trinket breaks before you're able to enjoy it, I would love the opportunity to fix or replace it for you! Please reach out if your trinket breaks within 30 days of purchase, or longer in certain circumstances. In some cases pictures may be requested upon replacement request.

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